Import Sketch designs and
get your native mobile UI codes with one click!

You can modify your app data designs, code preferences,
platform and language settings at anytime.


Do you know that developers like you wasting a huge time on converting pixels into codes, worldwide. You can save up to 70% of your time with one click!


Don't be confused about fonts, padding, colors, pixels, shadows... We know these details can be pain in the ... We'll take care of them instead of you.


You as a developer, can define texts as labels, rects as buttons, searchbars, lists and so on. Therefore, you can easily get your customized code as you wish.

Safe and Sound

You do not need to share your designs and generated code on any platform. You are ok to work offline.

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Gizem Sarıkaya

Test Engineer

Erol Kaftanoğlu

Software Engineer


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